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Why businesses choose WeighWorks

  • Automated invoices

    Our billing integration allows for real time invoice generation, saving you time and money and making sure nothing is missed.

  • Eliminate fraud

    With different user accessiblity levels you can monitor your entire operation with the click of a button and an audit log of every transaction at the facility.

  • High level reporting

    WeighWorks captures both inbound and outbound materials allowing you to analyze your material breakdowns and profit margins in real time.

  • Integration with 99% scales in market

    WeighWorks integrates with a number of scales within the market, allowing for a seamless onboarding process.

  • Video monitoring of every load

    Our camera integration allows you to get images of every load that comes into your facility eliminating the guess work and enhancing quality control.

  • Driver Verification

    Our one of a kind identification integration automatically scans the drivers licenses of everybody who comes to your facility allowing for the best in class regulatory process.

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